Saturday, May 17, 2008

Trading Post

I was woken around 6-30am by the usual early morning call from Alvin. It was a lovely, clear sunny start to the day which I enjoyed with a cup of Ringtons tea and the crossword.

Work in the garden started around 8-30am and the first task was to pull the small crop of spinach and the turnips from Plot 4. The spinach haul was weary but the turnips came up good.

I pulled the whole row as they seemed to be about the right size, between 1 inch and 3 inch diameter. Larger than that and they get a strong, unappealing flavour.

They can be stored but are best eaten fresh. I loaded some into the car and called round to see Mr and Mrs Corky. They were busy preparing to go fishing on Grand Lake. While Mr Corky hitched up the boat and Mrs Corky went to get the eggs I stood and had a few words with the staff.................

These girls are truly free range, having 5 acres to scratch around in.

Mr Rooster struts his stuff.

Turnips were traded for eggs. Then home for breakfast and to sample the fare along with toast and coffee. Time was taken to enjoy the morning sunshine and plan the rest of today's tasks.


Breakfast reading.

I called round at the Lumberyard here in town and purchased more plastic pipe, re bar and wooden lats. Plot 4 was reseeded with turnips and lettuce then the new design, higher row covers were constructed and put in position

This evening we are out celebrating as my wife's outline for a non fiction book won first prize at this years Oklahoma Writers Federation Contest. She also got a third place and an honourable mention in two other categories.

Well done Jan!!. Lets hope that the publishers love it as much as the judges did.

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