Monday, August 25, 2008

The short weekend.

Sunday 24th August.

Sunday morning.
Rising at 8-30am and breakfasting............

..............on eggs, toast, fresh peach and low fat milk. The peaches are from the garden of a co worker and they are absolutely delicious.

Breakfast reading.......

The cats are getting an upgrade in their eatables and are being switched from a totally dry diet of kibble to a mixture of wet and dry. The aim being to get them onto more wet than dry as it's much healthier for them. My cats are like willful children and it will be an uphill battle.

OK, back to gardening.

Here's the good news.
Next weekend will be a longer than usual break as I'm taking Friday off as a vacation to go with Labor Day.
Here's the bad news.
I had to work some of this weekend to make up for it. Oh hum.
So, the Happy Gardener's Adventures in Oklahomegrownvegland were slightly curtailed. Even the blog got left until Monday.

Herbies new belt arrived mid week and I fitted it late Saturday afternoon so he was ready for action. We had rain during the week but fortunately it managed to dry out enough by Sunday (my one day of rest this week) for me to attack the long overdue delights of mowing.
It was a BIG job and pretty much ate up the majority of my day. But it's done, again..........

And once done is a delight to behold.

Tomatoes are still ripening on a regular basis.

All three varieties are still producing.

My volunteers are now all in place and I've started pruning off the suckers as they sprout.

I've no idea if these plants will produce anything but Plot 4 isn't doing anything at the moment so it may as well be put to use with this little experiment. The only other thing in there is this............

.......rather fried looking Birdseed Sunflower. I've left him in situ as there's still quite a number of seeds to be had if the birds want them.

One of this seasons heros, the Yolo Bell Peppers.

Still producing at an amazing rate and supplying plenty of red and green peppers. My wife's Stuffed Peppers are on the menu for sometime this week.

And, finally the seedlings. Some Brussel Sprout seeds went in late last weekend and I purchased a replacement overhead lamp as one of the old ones decided to go on the blink. Some of the larger seedlings were transplanted into bigger pots.
Everything is now germinating.

One week old Brussel Sprouts, These are ready for thinning down to one plant per pot.

Repotted Cabbage.

More Catnip seeds have germinated but the seedlings are still small so I've left them in their little fibre pots.

Repotted Cauliflower.

Repotted Kohlrabi.

Bit of a rush this weekend. I'm looking forward to a, hopefully, more relaxing weekend next.