Sunday, May 11, 2008

After the storm

Sunday May 11th

We had a terrible storm pass us last night, the worst of it being just to our north. The town of Pitcher, 13 miles away, was hit by a tornado. Thankfully, Jan and I are safe but 6 people lost their lives. I was up and out early this morning checking to see if we had sustained any damage around the property but there was none. This time we were lucky, others were not.

OK, time for an update on the veggies. All this crazy weather is certainly affecting what's growing and what's not. As the saying goes "April showers bring forth May flowers" but there is a limit!
But before we do a tour lets start the day off right with this....................

Scrambled duck eggs on lightly buttered toast, Ringtons tea and the crossword.

OK, lets get out there.

Plot 1

Plot 1 onion patch

The onion patch still has Carrot Beetles in there, I see them every time I turn over the soil.
I dug up the volunteer potato plant as I didn't want to supply them with anything they like to eat. In their place I planted, yes you guessed it, a few onions.
The sunflowers are coming along but are probably wondering where the sun is?

Sunflower in Plot 1

Plot 2

Plot 2

I've planted out a group of 3 watermelon plants and stuck a few Pole beans in around the base of an upturned tomato cage. This worked last year so we'll try it again. The 3 watermelon plants look a bit lost tucked away on their own over at one end.................

Watermelons in Plot 2

Plot 3

Plot 3

Thankfully there's a little more progress here but still slow. Bell peppers are looking well and the 2nd batch of radish are almost there. Hey, even the carrots have made an appearance.........

Carrot in Plot 3

Plot 4

Plot 4

Bushy looking turnips and though some look pretty weary underneath some are certainly forming........................

Turnip in Plot 4

Gosh, I may even get a little spinach this year...................

Spinach Plot 4

Plot 5

Plot 5 spuds

These look good but I remember how good they looks last year before the Carrot Beetles moved in so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. The new floating row covers seem much sturdier than the last and the plastic pipe/rebar method is a winner. I'll replace the others this way in time.

Plot 6

Plot 6

The tomato plants have not had the best start to be honest. High temps when they were planted out were followed by high winds when they were at their weakest. Then it got pretty cold. But, having said all that, they are still hanging on in there and even the one that snapped clean off at the top during the high winds has rallied. It now has new growth but will have to work hard to catch up.

Big Red

Giant Beefsteak with friend "Basil"

Old Virginia
That it. Now to Barbeque.............................................


plantgirl said...

Wow and I've been complaining about a little snow... Are those raised bed gardens? I just started square foot gardening. I like your blog!
~plantgirl of

Mick said...

Hello plantgirl

Yes, they are raised beds as it's pretty wet around the back of the house where the plots are.
Thankfully the weather seems to be picking up and we may get some sunshine and warmth to help things along a little. :-)

Thanks for calling in.