Saturday, May 24, 2008

Extended weekend

Friday May 23rd.

I've taken a vacation day today with the intention of getting a few jobs done.

This little chap was pleased to see me. He must have wandered into the garage and got shut in there overnight. I set him down in the bushes and he wandered on his way.

If the weather forecast is correct it's going to rain tomorrow. So, I'd better get the grass cut as it's almost 3 weeks since it was last done and looks pretty ragged................... Tommy is quick to point out.

"Herbie" is called from the garage...............

......but refuses to run properly, coughing and spluttering. Probably the thought of all that work that lies ahead. A new spark plug is fitted, the airfilter cleaned and he begrudgingly comes to life.
And so to mow.....and a mere 4 hours 20 mins later it's done.


.........and rear.


Saturday 24th May

I'm woken at 6-00am this morning. Not by the usual early call from Alvin but by the sound of thunder and torrential rain.

I'm quickly out of bed to let the cats in and move some of the plants on the patio to sheltered locations. It's coming down really heavy and in seconds I'm soaked.

My poor strawberry hanging baskets have received yet another flooding so are left in the garage to dry out. Everything else looks ok. I'm sure glad that I got that grass cut yesterday!

Well, I'm up and wide awake so I may as well have a little breakfast............

....and catch up on my reading.

By lunch time it's warm and sunny with a light breeze. The thunderstorm is almost forgotten.

So now I can get that small plumbing job done.


BritGal' Sarah said...

Hi Mick, I found you via Jan. I love your site and may well be referring back for tips. I also love the breakfasts!

Btw, I thought we had alot of yard to mow, now I know otherwise!

Mick said...

Hello Sarah

Let me know next time your going to drop by and I'll put an extra egg in the pan and do some more toast. :-)

Thanks for calling in.

One man went to mow...........