Sunday, September 28, 2008

More preparation

Sunday 28th September

Sunrise in Oklahomegrownvegland

Its a misty start to the day but temperatures are due to get pretty high.
Today I'm planning on getting Plot 2 thoroughly dug over and supplimented with a bag of home made compost. it's hard work as the day gets hotter and hotter but I managed to get it done.

I then got the lengths of rebar hammered into position ready for the plastic cover supports.

I have the plastic sheet ready but I'll erect it next week I think. I'm planning on putting my Brussel Sprout plants in this bed and the temperatures are rather high at the moment so I'm leaving the bed uncovered a while longer. Sprouts are one of the hardiest veggies around and can stand low temps, frost and even a little snow. A lot of people say that these veggies actually taste better when they have had some frost on them. So, no rush as long as I get the plants settled in and established before night time temperatures drop.
Plot 5 fall veggies are looking good as shown in the picture below..................

I've lost one Cauliflower plant, no idea why. The rest look healthy, as do all the Cabbage and Kohlrabi. I intend to mulch this bed with straw during the next week and give the whole lot a good feed of Fish Emulsion fertilizer. I've already given it another dose of Iron Phosphate as I'm determined that those pesky Woodlice will not ruin these plants.
I had a nice suprise awaiting me when I made a trip to our local Garden center.........

..................Northern Lights Chard plants, all looking for a good home. I picked up two and they are now in the vacant space at the end of Plot 5. My efforts at growing this veggie from seed failed, probably due to the plants going out too late. Chard doesn't like too much heat and I think it retarded the growth of the ones I planted. Well, I'll see how these go on and if they look to be doing well I'll make a return trip to the garden center and pick up a few more of the smaller plants that they had on offer. That way we can enjoy a few fresh greens when the hot weather finally comes to an end. I also picked up another yellow Chrysanthimum to replace one which died in the ice storm

The red 'mum which did survive that horrific cold blast is now beginning to open out..........

......and what a great display it's putting on for us too.
All the catnip has been repotted and has now found a new temporary home................. the front of the house under the kitchen window. The Sage however has been moved........ a warmer location and is now drying inside the house. Us Brits like to have our turkey dinner at Christmas so as a way of a change we have purchased some lamb for our Thanksgiving dinner. Our homegrown sage will be used to enhance the flavour of this wonderful meat.
The tomato fest continues. I still pick a few every other day but things are slowing down. Some of the fruits have been splitting due to the temperature fluctuations and these have been saved for their seeds. The good ones are being used in Spinach Salad, homemade burgers on the grill and ..........

..........wonderful Tomato and Basil soup which is then frozen and kept to be enjoyed on cold winter evenings later in the year.
It's really hard to believe that it's almost the start of October, this year has flown by. Summer is behind us now and the joys of cooler weather, Autumn colours, hot comfort food and log fires are on the horizon. I'm really looking forward to it.

Here's two guys who are looking forward to a spell of cooler weather too. Wilson and Tommy know exactly where the air conditioning vents blow and like to enjoy a cool, relaxing snooze together on the bed.