Sunday, September 21, 2008

Autumn preparations

Sunday 21st September

Rising at 7-00am.
Alvin calls to tell me he's left my breakfast on the patio, a large dead field rat.

I dispose of it when he's not looking and boil a couple of eggs instead.

Hey, is it that time again, already?

Sadly, yes. It always seems to be that time in Oklahomegrownvegland these days.
Mumping and grumping wont help though, you've got to "Gidder Done"
Ok, its done......
....and back to golf course standard (almost).
Then a little tidying up around the garden. I move the sheet back which is covering some top soil and this chap gives me a dirty look.
"Hey, I'm trying to sleep here!" I replace the sheet and leave him to his rest.
One of the Willow Tree cuttings seems to have taken.
Now, all I have to do is nurse it through the winter.
The chrysanthemums in the front garden is covered in buds............
....and will be a blaze of colour in a few days.
This was the plant that froze solid in the ice storm at the beginning of the year. I'm sure that if it can survive such a hard winter it must be here to stay.
I also chopped a couple of lower limbs from one of the Persimmon trees.
They were very heavy with fruit and their weight was adding to the rather worrying list it's acquired since the ice storm.
Around the back of the house, in the field adjoining our property there's wild flowers in abundance giving a colourful display of Mother Natures finest.
Free floral display.
I planted more fall veggies on Monday evening and they seem to have settles in.
(L to R) Cauliflower, Kohlrabi, Cabbage.
The Brussel Sprout seedlings are still indoors but will be going in within the next week or so.
........the Tomato seed storage continues.
The Coriander seeds are still drying in the kitchen.
The Catnip plants are getting quite tall and will need repotting, a little job for one evening next week perhaps.
I decide to give Tommy a little sniff of the plant to see if there's any reaction.........

.......and the results are quite startling. He turns into a savage beast......

......for almost 2 seconds. Then it's business as usual.
To be honest, up to now I've seen no reaction with any of our cats from this herb. Oh well.