Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday 14th June

Awakened, dozing on and off until 8-00am. Rising for tea and crosswords.

A trip to Corky's for eggs but no one's around. Probably gone fishing.
After this a trip to see Vic the vet for the purchasing of Wilson's food and to deliver Alvin for worming, vaccinations etc.

Set off for the full retail experience via Java Dave's for a splendid lunch of cafe lattes, mega sandwiches and salads. Yummy.

Then on to Wally Mart to stock up on supplies for the week(s) ahead, pick up a few gardening bits for this afternoon........

......and to purchase some things.........

.........for later.

As everyone has probably heard, the Mid West has once again been hit with torrential thunderstorms and flooding. Here in Oklahomegrownvegland it's very, very wet at the moment but the sun is out today and forecast to be so tomorrow too. It's too wet and far too humid to work but I did manage to hill around the potatoes that used to be straw mulched and erect this...........

And, after weeks of 30 to 40mph winds constantly blowing there is now ne'er a breath.
As I stood surveying my stationary windmill, sweating in the heat and humidity, I could hear a Mocking Bird ridiculing me from the tree above.

I've been unable to mow the grass, it being like either a lake, a bog, a swamp or all three at times. It looks very ragged and overgrown in places but on the plus side some things are growing which usually get the chop long before making an appearance

I don't know what these are...........

...which sprung up at the side of the garage............

...but they look pretty.

All this rain is great for the toads and the local population is booming. This morning it was almost impossible to hear the birds for the "Toad Chorus" giving it rock all. I'm not surprised they're happy, they have their own personal pool at the side of the house!

As long as they eat loads of bugs during the night they are quite welcome to hang around and croak their hearts out all day.

To prepare. To cook.................

.........and to wine and dine.

Recipe available from: upon request.

To bed for an early start