Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring has sprung.

Spring has sprung.
The grass has riz
I wonder where old Herbie is?

Well, I'll tell you where he is...........................................

....He's in bits!!
Both front wheel bearings were found to be completely shot. Major repairs are underway.
At least I got the grass cut.......

......afore he got pulled in pieces. Phew!!

In the veggie plots the Egyptian Onions which wintered out are back in full force.

Even some that I "threw away" near the shed are growing well.

The white onions are also showing good signs of growth.

I've put around 50 in I think.

My container Fingerling Potatoes have broken the surface.

I wonder if this project will be successful?

The Mesclun is romping on and we'll be starting to use this in the coming days.

It's a "cut and come back" salad green and I was impressed by last years crop.

Indoors the Yolo Bell Peppers are awaiting planting out but I'm holding off until the winds die down a little.

Tomato seedling germination rate was very high and I've been thinning out and moving them to larger pots.

I have kept 4 of each of the 8 varieties that I started which will be more than enough for me and hopefully a few spares for friends and neighbours.
The first true leaves have formed so I gave them a drink of half strength Fish Emulsion this morning.

I also have some Spicy Globe Basil seedlings coming along.

Everything is late this year and I'm doing a lot less but I'm sure that things will turn out fine.

(He said hopefully)