Wednesday, April 9, 2008

More rain...........

April 7th
Wow, has it been wet these last few days or what?
It's rained so hard that it's punched quite a few holes in my Floating Row Covers. I'm probably going to have to purchase some more before spring is over. Everything looks wet, sad and limp.
But, here's the story so far...........
Yellow Onion Sets in Plot 1 are up and looking good as are the Red Onion Sets in Plot 2.
Plot 3 looks rather barren. OK, I'll wait and see.
Radish and Turnips are doing well in Plot 4 but the Spinach seems to be a "no show" at the moment.
But, here's the good news. ALL 10 potato plants are up in Plot 5.
Hurray !!
There seems to be life in the latest (and last) seeds I started indoors. Cucumber, Squash and Watermelons have all sprouted under the lamps.
And, as I type this I'm hearing thunder and seeing flashes of lightening all around the area so more rain is on it's way.
Hey, who ever said it was easy growing stuff in Oklahoma?

Baby trees in nursery

My batch of baby trees arrived from the Arbor Society last week. I'd forgotten about them to be honest and only remembered when I spotted a 2 foot long bag protruding from the mail box. Eeek, ok, dont panic Mick!!
All I've got to do is find them a home for the next year as their future sites are not ready yet.
Hey, to be honest their future sites aren't even decided upon yet.
And, I dont want to lose any precious growing space either.
Enter the old medicine cupboard...................
This fine piece of late '1970's woodwork was ripped with great force from the bathroom wall last year by my good self (the previous owner of the house having kindly fastened it there with 6 inch nails) and had been living in my shed since, awaiting a use. I potted all the saplings and found the ones which require "Full Sun" a little space in my small fenced off area so that they could get a good start without being hassled by rabbits or naughty pussycats.

Front Flower Bed

Some needed to be in partial shade so these were found a place in the front flower bed which loses the sun soon after mid-day. Since this photograph was taken I've surrounded them with chicken wire.

Front Flower Bed

So, everything is found a little home and we can all relax.
Until the next gardening emergency...................

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