Saturday, April 12, 2008

A bit of colour

April 12th

After all the heavy rain this week it's nice to see a bit of colour.
(Yes, I'm English so the word "colour" has the letter "u" in it)

April Tulips

The garden creek, normally a mere trickle.

The seeds I planted on March 30th are up and running. I think that every one of them has germinated.

(L to R Cucumber, Watermelon, Squash)

I had a drive over to our little garden center here in town with the express wish to buy some lettuce seeds. I think I know why the first lot didn't come up. They were last years and apparently lettuce seed is only good for a year. Duh!!

So I picked a packet up along with 4 Bell Pepper plants and then somehow these seemed to suddenly appear in my hand...............???

Delmarvel Strawberry Plants

Well, to be honest, it's all Elizabeth's fault really. I've never been much interested in growing strawberries, too many plants rambling all around the place and taking over the garden etc etc.
But when I saw on her blog here that she was growing some in a hanging basket I suddenly had a change of heart. I also remembered that I have at least one spare basket kicking around in the garage so this was a good way of using it. We always have flowering baskets at the front of the house, why not try some fruit? All I have to do is try to keep the House Finches from nesting in it and all will be fine.

In the past we have struggled to water and tend a basket due to it being transformed into a nest site for these cute little birds. It's just a little scary as we have 3 cats who of course take great interest in the comings and goings of the parents while they build the nest then feed the young. On hot summer evenings I have to enjoy my nice cold beer sat in front of the garage rather than on the patio so I dont scare the birdies. Fledging time is a nightmare!!
I may hang the strawberries round the back of the house actually as that area gets the sun all afternoon (and I'll be able to drink my beer in peace)

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Elizabeth said...

Yay for strawberries! And wow, looks like you got a big plant. I've never tried delmarvels, so I'm really curious to see how yours does!

I've been admiring tulips lately.... I think I'd like to do a bed of them for next year.