Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday Steamer

Sunday 15th June.

Arise at 8-00am to sunshine and showers but by 10-00am the drizzle has faded away leaving us with a hot, damp and sticky day with temperatures around 85 deg.

It's far too wet to work but here's an update of what's growing on out there:

Sunflowers at 50 days measure around 3 feet tall

Swiss Chard at 21 days. Pretty puny but all this rain wont have helped

Big Red tomatoes from my own seeds. The Old Virginia and Giant Beefsteak are similar.

Second crop of Turnips at 28 days look like all leaf and no root at the moment.

The Watermelon is branching out in all directions and needs keeping in check.

4th Radish crop at 8 days. No sign of the Swiss Chard, seeded at the same time.

Potatoes at 77 days are "Hanging on in there".

Squash plants in containers are flowering.............

............and heavy with buds.

The Cucumber is flowering too. Both this and the squash came from heirloom seeds.

Lettuce is the best I've ever grown. We are eating it as fast as we can before it bolts.

Plenty of onions. Red, white and winter varieties.

Pole Beans at 40 days are now at 6 feet and leafing up well

The herb garden has a visitor. Yes, a toad has moved in........

......and I have enough Basil to sink a ship. Lots grown from heirloom seeds too.

Even this, usually dry, flower bed is pretty wet due to the downpours we've had.

The Flowering Dogwood trees are loving this wet weather though................ are the Goldenraintrees....................

............Sergant Hawthorns, Crepe Myrtle, Flowering Crabapple and more Basil

American Redbud trees sheltered at the front of the house.

More rain, one to two inches, is forecast for tonight and we are 17 inches above average for the year at the moment. The soil is not getting chance to drain and I worry about the adverse affects this could have on some of the plants root systems. The raised beds are helping but we need to dry out soon.
By the look of things it isn't going to happen for a while yet though.

I just heard thunder in the distance so I'd better bring the hanging baskets under cover.............


Lewru said...

Hi! I was out yesterday, too. It was rough! All of your plants look so healthy - what do you use for pest management and fertilizer? I had trouble with cabbage loopers on the turnips (and other brassicas) and flea beetles on eggplants and some neighboring peppers (although the peppers are definitely second choice!). Thanks!

DP Nguyen said...

Your lettuce looks really healthy and delicious. Enjoy all your salads.
My watermelon is starting to spread out and flower too. The squash flowers at my house still have not bloomed, but I'm sure they will soon. Your onions are getting big too! Anyway, everything looks healthy. I'd also love to know how you keep the bugs from eating everything.

Mick said...


Thanks for the kind comments.

My next post will be about pest and soil management.

plantgirl said...

Beautiful garden - am jealous of your tomatoes lol
~plantgirl of
Plantgirl's Square Foot Garden Blog