Friday, June 6, 2008

It's Friday!!

Friday 6th June

More thunderstorms last night, more rain. Hmmm.
Guess I'll just slip into something more comfortable..........................

The veg plot seems to have come through this latest downpour without too much damage.
And I even have a few tomatoes making an appearence. Three heirloom varieties are growing:

Big Red (from my own seed stock)
Giant Beefsteak
Old Virginia

I'm happy to report that all three varieties have set fruit.

The ongoing potato battle seems to have quietened off after applying the iron phosphate but the plants have suffered. At least I'm woodlice free (at the moment).

Still, new growth has appeared at the top of all the plants so I have my fingers crossed for at least a partial harvest. If the plants get to flower I'll feel a lot better but up to now there is no sign. So we wait....................

Another thing that has been on my mind is the overhead light that, unfortunately, is directly above the veg plot......................

This, I'm sure, is attracting lots of bugs that I don't need so I contacted the electricity company and enquired about having it turned off. Someone came and looked and said that they would surely extinguish the aforementioned light for us but not until the land had dried out a little as to drive the truck across the garden would do some serious churning up.

We are on hold...............................

As the saying goes "Every cloud has a silver lining" and the rain has attracted my old garden buddies back in force. Yes, the toads are here.

To make things easier we name all our toads "Froggy", a bit like calling all Australians "Bruce". It makes for a simpler life. The above froggy is a bit fickle as he's abandoned "Petunia" as his preferred abode and has now moved in with "Rosemary".
It's nice to have them around and they are one creature that the cats don't mess with much as the toads let off some kind of secretion that makes them taste bad so they leave them alone for the most part.

They also eat a whole load of bugs so they are welcome anytime.

But, it's Friday. I have the whole weekend to look forward to.

And this......................

Jan's homemade "Popeye Pizza" and a glass of red wine (or three).

Early start tomorrow. Busy, busy........


DP Nguyen said...

Your tomatoes are coming along very nicely! Now the wait for them to turn red.. that's an impatient one!

Sorry about all the big storms you've been having. At least you get some fat toads from it. I think they are cute!

Elizabeth said...

I want toads in our yard.... we never get toads. I don't think it's wet enough here.