Tuesday, March 25, 2008


March 22nd

Most of the tomato plant seedlings have now developed their first true leaves and so it’s time for them to be repotted. This is also the time that I introduce them to a little garden soil. I like to try to use the soil from the bed in which they will eventually be planted. I make a mixture of equal parts of sphagnum peat moss, compost (my home made stuff) and garden soil. This I mix thoroughly and dampen slightly. I then transfer the seedlings into 4-inch fiber pots. After a light watering I give them a little half strength liquid fertilizer such as fish emulsion which I mix up in a spray bottle. Then they go back under the lamp.
I have around 30 plants going at the moment so I had to go out and purchase another strip light to cover them. I also treated myself to a couple of basil plants from Frisby Garden Center in Grove and repotted those too. Those tiny pots the plants are in when you buy them are far too small and the plants get root bound and stressed. I like to buy early and get them into something bigger as soon as I can.

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