Sunday, March 16, 2008

Floating row covers

March 16th
I have already constructed 2 floating row covers for the front beds and I’m pretty happy with them. So happy in fact that I went down to the local lumberyard and purchased more wood lath strips to make another 2. The lath strips are not essential but make the covers a whole lot easier to handle and store in winter. You can simply roll them back when you need to access the plot.
I picked up this tip from my favorite book The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible by Edward C. Smith, which I highly recommend to anyone, novice or expert, who wants to try to improve their seasons yield.

Supports made from old tomato cages

If you are not familiar with floating row covers they let sun and rain through while keeping bugs out. They also give a little frost protection. I had a few old tomato cages hanging around in the shed and decided to put those to use too. I cut them into 4 separate pieces and used them as supports to hold the covers up above the plants making a mini greenhouse. If successful I may use the same idea using clear plastic sheets at the back end of the season and try to get a little more growing time when the temperatures drop.
If I were rich I'd have a greenhouse but I'm not, so I dont.

Easily rolled back to give access for weeding etc.........

......and keep everything snug and bug free hopefully.

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