Monday, March 31, 2008

Earth Hour

Sat 29th March
This evening we did our bit for Earth Hour and switched off lights, computers etc.
Earlier in the day I'd been "Instant Messaging" my granddaughter back in England and she got her family and most of her friends to participate too so that was pretty cool.
I know that some critics have shrugged it off as a gimmick but we are keen recyclers in our home and try to be energy conscious all the time. Anything that raises peoples awareness of wastage of any kind is good news to us and we will give it our support.
We ALL need to care.

In the garden I try to be "green" using my home made compost from all that great stuff that would normally get thrown into the landfill. It gives me great pleasure thinking I'm getting all that good stuff back, and for free too. I like free!
I also try different homemade natural bug/beetle/moth/egg-laying/biting/flying/plant munching repellants. Some work and some don't. Hey, I'm prepared to share SOME of my horticultural wealth with the natives but not ALL of it.

That particular evening my wife had prepared a super dinner of Turkey and Leek Crumble which we enjoyed by candlelight. Nothing new about having a candlelit dinner in our house to be honest as we eat that way most evenings by choice.
Kinda adds to the ambiance doesn't it?

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